A Little About Me

24 years old. An old soul.

I started writing random thoughts since 2012. It may be on and off, I still have the same theme in mind since, and it is sharing my thoughts and life realizations that I hope somehow may empower and help those who read my posts.

Having the passion to turn my deepest thoughts into words, love for photographs and the aspiration to see more of this world’s wonderful places, learn different cultures & meet different people, I have decided to compile them here in my website and share with you all.

About This Blog

Her Happy Days is a space where I share my budget travel suggestions and tips based on our travel experience. I may not be able to write them in full itineraries though, but I am more than happy to share with you as much details and tips as I can.

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And with an Advocate spirit living within me, I have decided to write down my thoughts in this blog as well. As learning is a life-long journey and those lessons are something that I’d like to keep where I can read back and re-learn all the things that I have written in this blog throughout my learning journey.

So, come and let’s learn together! You’re more than welcome to join me in this journey.

With love,

Ella ❤