A Little About Me

Meet Ella, 24 and an old soul who always fails but continues to pursue her dreams anyway.

Ella is a pursuer of dreams. Making her leave her comfort bubble at the age of 21, flew to a foreign land and braved the frightening truth of being alone.

With her belief that everything will soon fall to their proper places, she never gave up until she got to where she currently is – Malaysia.

She knows that she still has a long way to go to be where she has always wanted to be, but with her faith and hopes up, she believes that those dreams will soon come true in God’s perfect time.

While she continuously learns each story in every page of her book, she is grateful to have been given the chance to meet different people, explore different cities, experience the unique beauty of other countries and immerse herself to different cultures.

About This Blog

Her Happy Days is where I wish to share my thoughts, travel experience, tips and advise, as well as my newly created “Trying To Be Healthy Journey”.

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My love for learning, reading, photography and writing all into one platform where I can re-learn and read back everything that I have written in the past and share with some of you who might be interested in my contents and the topics that I publish.

Come and let’s learn together.

You are more than welcome to join me in this journey.

Ella ❤