A Little About Me

24 years old. An old soul.

I am reckless and sometimes lost. Most of the time, I’d give in to what the universe has in store for me, making people think that I don’t work hard enough to fulfill my dreams or that I don’t have what it takes to be where I want to be.
And they are wrong.

I left my country when I was 21. I tried to pursue the dream of seeing different places, meeting different people and immersing myself in totally different cultures.
Which I did.

Now, I have decided to put up a blog where I can share my passion all in one platform – my love for writing, traveling and photography.
You will see them all here.

I don’t really share too much information about my life or myself – but you’ll get to know me more when you read my posts. 😉
And I hope you’ll learn and get inspired from them too!

About This Blog

Her Happy Days is a space where I share my budget travel suggestions and tips based on our travel experience. I may not be able to write them in full itineraries though, but I am more than happy to share with you as much details and tips as I can.

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And with an Advocate spirit living within me, I have decided to write down my thoughts in this blog as well. As learning is a life-long journey and those lessons are something that I’d like to keep where I can read back and re-learn all the things that I have written in this blog throughout my learning journey.

So, come and let’s learn together! You’re more than welcome to join me in this journey.


Ella ❤