Siem Reap, Cambodia – Oct 2017

Visiting Siem Reap has been on our bucket list since last year but was postponed to this year instead. Randomly checking fare to Siem Reap that only costs about RM200+, we didn’t take the chance to book it right away, thinking there could be cheaper fare if we wait a little more.

But sadly, that didn’t happen. So, before the fare gets a bit higher, we have finally decided to book the current price at RM300+. Not bad though, it’s just that the initial price that we saw was the cheaper one.

And just a few weeks before our planned trip, we have already started looking for an accommodation nearby the Pub Street, where the fun is at. As usual, we first searched homes in AirBnb, but unfortunately, most of the homes are either offering non-air-conditioned rooms or far from the Pub Street or not within our allotted budget (knowing we always go for budget-friendly travels).

We ended up booking a deluxe room at Siem Reap Pub Hostel via

2017-10-25 11.55.48 1-1


  1. Cheap and Affordable at around RM47.00 (around P574.25) per night with private bathroom
  2. They offer not just dorm rooms, but also private rooms
  3. Free Airport pick up depending on the room that you have booked
  4. Arranges tour and airport transfers
  5. They have social hall downstairs, just a few steps away from the lobby
  6. They have a well-maintained pool
  7. In-house restaurant and bar
  8. Walking distance from local restaurants, bars and wet & dry markets
  9. Reception is available 24 hours
  10. Mr Lon is so accommodating
  11. No Prepaid Payment! 🙂


  1. BED. Bed is okay but somehow, it doesn’t feel really comfortable and a bit itchy
  2. There were a few dogs few steps away from the hostel which is not theirs so it is understandable still

Given the Pros and Cons, the hostel is still not bad given the price and could still be improved over time. Overall rate could still be at 7/10.

There were also a few hostels and dorm rooms available just before the Pub Street, I am not sure with the price though. But there’s one dorm room that offers $5 per bed per night. 🙂

For our Temples Tour, we were supposed to book from one of the Tuktuk Services that we found online. But upon knowing that the hostel where we were in is also offering the same service, we just opt for it and paid $18 for a whole day, you can provide your own itinerary or you can just ask them of the places to go to.

Tip #1:  Siem Reap’s restaurants, shops and bars are using US Dollar as their primary currency. So, if you are planning to have your money changed, you may still want to save a few amount to be changed to USD. As some of the stores and restaurants only know the prices in dollars and not in Khmer Riel.

Tip #2: OR you may also download a currency converter on your phone to check the rates. 🙂 It makes life easier. That’s what we did.

Day 1: Siem Reap, Cambodia – Oct 2017 on a separate post. 🙂




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