Day 2: Ohana in Malaysia – Sept 2017

Our second day gave us a real meaning of spontaneous! The whole plan was not followed because we didn’t have enough time to buy pasalubong and the availability of the grab driver that we hired as well (yes, the same grab driver who drove us around yesterday) – regular car rental price is at RM 100.00, but he only gave us RM 80.00 one way.

Tip #1: Haggle as much as you can! You can save time, money and energy if you haggle well and don’t have enough time to book a bus to and from Genting Highlands.

Day 2: Sept 17 (Sunday)

7:00 AM – Wake Up call

9:00 AM – 1:00 PM – Berjaya Timesquare to buy some stuff, shoes and Hanifa Department Store for pasalubong.

No photos were taken as were running out of time. Huhu.

Exactly 1:00 PM, we went straight to Genting Highlands – hungry 😦

Getting there was a bit fast, I don’t know why. Maybe because public buses have their normal route while private vehicles can opt for a short cut 🙂 Faster than when riding a bus.

So after an hour or less, we stopped by the Outlet Mall and there we ate late lunch at The Chicken Rice Shop.


After that, we gave ourselves some time to shop and see the newly built outlet mall. Too bad, they don’t have Nike shop there. But let me give you my Nanay’s happy face just not to make you feel bad 🙂


By nearly 4:00 PM, we already boarded the cable car and an overlooking ride has begun!

Tip #2: I highly suggest that if you want to visit Genting Highlands, you should be able to give your whole day trip for this! As you can see, below is the loooong queue just to board the ride. But it was fast though, so still nothing to worry. 🙂



It was nice to see the family enjoyed the ride even though it was a bit wet due to a heavy rain few hours ago.


Chin Swee Temple behind us



Flying my superwoMOM.

With our 5:15 PM bus ride to KL, we didn’t much have time to roam around Genting Highlands, so when we got there, we lined up for the return trip immediately as we might not be able to make it to our bus ride home! Haha. =))

But, we were just in time!

Dinner – we will be late if we are still going to have dinner out so we have just decided to order Domino’s pizza and be able to rest early after we packed all our bags.

See you soon post will be up on the blog soon! 🙂


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