Day 1: Ohana in Malaysia – Sept 2017


Good morning, Malaysia! 

First day is supposedly a Hop On – Hop Off city tour which should cost us RM50.00 each (RM50.00 x 5 = RM250.00). But hey! We got a great deal as we had the (6-seater) grab driver from yesterday to roam us around for just RM240.00 – which means, we saved RM10.00 with less hassle and saved energy!

Let me know if you need a weekend driver from 9am – 5pm, I’m happy to share his contact details with you.

Day 1: Sept 16 (Saturday)

7:00 AM – Wake Up call

9:00 AM – on the way to Batu Caves

Tip #1: If you are planning to go all the way up to Batu Caves, make sure you bring bottled water, plan to go there in the morning and you are in a good condition to take hundreds of steps. 🙂

Tip #2: If you do not want to ruin your OOTD and are planning to wear something that is above your knee, there is a small table there before the steps that will let you rent a sarong – you just have to give RM5.00 for deposit, and they’ll give you back RM2.00 after use.


Batu Caves


The oldies are happys 🙂 Just had to make it rhyme. Haha.


We’ve used up our energy in Batu Caves for 2 hours so we went hungry and craved for some dim sum. Good thing we have already a place in mind on where to have our lunch.

Passed 11:00 AM – Lunch at Restoran Yan Yan A One


Lunch Time


Start of City Tour:

  • National Museum
  • National Palace / King’s Palace
  • National Mosque
  • Merdeka Square (Sultan Abdul)
  • Masjid Jamek / Jamek Mosque

National Mauseum


King’s Palace



Merdeka Square



KL Tower

20170916153309_IMG_1708-0120170916153401_IMG_1713-01 After the city tour, we went straight to Bukit Bintang for a massage as our family members were already tired. 🙂 And so are we!

While looking for a good place to have our massage, one Sabahan who knows how to speak Filipino so well welcomed us and offered us a reasonable price. So without second thoughts, since we were all so tired and just want to have a good rest, we went there straight. Not bad for a first time massage experience around Bukit Bintang. 🙂


Not wanting to think of where else to have our dinner and also the need to buy bus tickets to Genting, we just went straight to Nando’s KL Sentral.


Tip #3: If you are planning to go to Genting, make sure you buy ticket a day before your planned trip as tickets can be sold out quickly.

After purchasing tickets and having dinner, we all have decided to just go back home as tomorrow is another loooong day.

Day 2: Ohana in Malaysia – Sept 2017


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