The Good in Vulnerability

“What does it feel like stepping into a foreign land?”, I asked.

I was taught that you must have as much courage as possible. You anticipate all the possible things (even impossible ones) that could happen and prepare yourself for it. Everything in a foreign land will excite you but most of the time, scare you.

Living away from home, my only focus was that I have to be strong. I have to have that courage I need to keep me going. Which I think I never failed to have. Always moving forward. Whatever happens, happens. That ‘s me.

I am always that person who is so determined and strong-willed when it comes to doing or trying something that I really want. Maybe because I am thirsty of knowledge, wisdom and experience. It might be because I am that person who gets bored easily, so I try to find something else that will flick my interest. Or maybe it is just myself who would want to make the most out of life, while I’m still here, while I’m still able, while I still have the chance.

Being strong is something that every person would always want to be and maintain. But I realized that being otherwise will make you not just stronger but also wiser in life.

Giving myself sometime to practice mindfulness in the way I act, think, speak, I have realized that it is also good to find yourself vulnerable. It is okay to seek and ask for help. It is okay not to figure things out all at the same time. It is okay not to be okay and to be just your vulnerable self.

You ask me, “Why? How am I supposed to be vulnerable at this point? How am I supposed to figure and overcome things out if I am not strong enough?” Believe me, given my current situation, I had the same thoughts too. But isn’t it tiring to be strong all the time? To be all-knowing all the time? To seek for the answers by yourself all the time? Looks like it’s not being strong anymore. It’s called our own ego. The ego that makes us think how perfect we are, the ego that makes us think we are all-knowing, the ego that makes us think we are strong.

Even superheroes have their own weaknesses and vulnerabilities. And we, as human beings, get tired too. We also need rest. We also need to re-fuel. Re-charge. Refresh. We cannot do things all at the same time. Everything, every step requires patience, time and faith.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time.”

Ecclesiastes 3:11

It is okay to be vulnerable, why?

  1. Because we are human. We are not divine nor supernatural. Period.
  2. You are created imperfectly, just like me. We are yet to figure things out one baby step at a time.
  3. Being vulnerable allows yourself to think and reflect that whatever you try to solve all the problems in the world, it cannot be solved in just one sitting. So just chill out.
  4. It allows you to be more aware of yourself – to realize all your limits, weakness and how to embrace and what to do to go beyond them.
  5. It enables you to expand more, to work on and hug every bit of your weaknesses and build more on your strengths.
  6. Being vulnerable allows us to be humble. We are all made equally. So accept it that we won’t have all the knowledge, wisdom and greatness in the world. We need each other to grow. We need to accept the fact that we are not perfect.
  7. You find your true friends. The realest ones who will keep up with you when you are strong and will be there for you when you are not.
  8. You will be mindful of everything that revolves around you. Being aware that you are not strong enough will make you aware of what will make you one.
  9. It will test your patience. When you don’t know something, you feel weak. You won’t have the confidence you need. AND IT IS OKAY. Being true to yourself will always be enough. But there will always be a room for improvement, so you can try to work on that.
  10. It will move you closer to God. No matter how busy you are, when you feel vulnerable, you will always find time to pray your heart out because you know that it is the only armor to make you feel stronger.

Accept the fact that we live in a vulnerable world and at some point in our lives, we too are vulnerable. Sometimes, it is good not to perfect everything and when we do that, we become kinder and gentler to the people around us and as well as to ourselves.

We are taught to be strong all the time to win life. But being vulnerable won’t make you a failure of it.


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