Let Go & Just Live

Two words that most people would think as one of the difficult steps to take.

Let Go.

I remember when I was young, I used to have a long hair and didn’t want to have my hair cut as it was not easy for me to let go of that hair length.

Same thing with my favorite pillow that slowly gave up, but still I resist to let go of.

Growing up, I’ve learned to tell and teach myself that I have to let go of the things that I can’t control and that I shouldn’t be holding onto something that will eventually frustrate or disappoint me.

One of the trainings I’ve gone to early this month was about Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills.

During our 15-minute break, the trainer spoke something about he noticed that most people nowadays get distracted easily.

My thoughts were, “Hey, it is in our nature that we get distracted on the thoughts of the past and even the future – which for me is good. We learn from and reminisce the past and we plan ahead and get excited about the future.” Isn’t it?

Like, sometimes we get zoned out, sometimes we float just like our thoughts. And it’s normal, right? Escaping from reality and all the stress around.

Not to mention when there are gatherings, you will always find people sitting with their handphones – one form of distraction. While it is good to capture every precious moment, we unconsciously take the moment for granted – to catch up with friends, to feel the cool breeze, to listen to the waves of the sea, to smell the scent of the flowers.

We are so hooked in the idea of connecting to the internet rather than connecting and re-connecting with the world and just be present.

We are so hooked with our thoughts or even worries of the past nor of the future.

But when you wake up and pinch yourself, you will realize that you only have the present. THE NOW.

Yes, you can prepare for the future. You can learn from the past. But you can cherish the present, and that is all that matters. The future that you have always been preparing for or dreaming of will soon become the NOW that you would be cherishing, making it the past that you will always remember as days go by.

It’s not so bad to just live in the now and worry later. As they say, life is short. Make the most of it! Dropping off  and letting go a little bit of worry and baggage won’t hurt, it could be of help sometimes.

So, spend time with your loved ones.

Go for a lunch with your long time friends.

Eat a slice of your favorite cake.

Call that pizza delivery.

Workout harder.

Be Inspired.

Forgive and Forget.




Learn, enjoy and live in the moment. ❤


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