The Road Less Travelled

Ever heard of “The Road Less Travelled”?

Well, this is something that I will be writing about…

Few weeks ago, while having my free time at work and while my colleagues were all out for breakfast, I thought of reading LinkedIn and gain wisdom from the articles written by LinkedInfluencers.

One of the topics I’ve read was about FEAR. This is a bit connected to my previous post, where I talked about how to turn yourself from worrier into a great warrior, if you could still remember.

This would be an interesting topic as I thought that FEAR is one of the most common emotions that we people feel. There are times when we really want to get, or achieve, or attain something that is out of our comfort zone, we feel FEAR.

Some people are willing to take risks, some aren’t ready enough.

But no one ever is, right?

Like, when I decided to leave my job in the Philippines. It wasn’t really an easy leap. I had to risk time, funds, my current job, even my life – as I was headed to a foreign land where nobody knows or cares for me.

My family’s fear was my safety; my only fear that time was me running out of cash. Haha. I was just thinking impulsively that I booked a ticket without having a second thought or without listing down considerations and consequences.

I took the road less travelled….

It was not easy, nothing really is! When it comes to your own hard work, it is indeed a HARD work and you really have to push HARDER.

It was hard, soooo HARD! That whenever I think of giving up, I just always remind myself that once I get through this, there’s no more turning back! So, I have to win!

Now, as days pass, I slowly realize that everything is not about being stable. Yes, it is good. In fact, it’s what everyone aims –  being stable, that’s why we work hard, right? But being stable in a place where you think you don’t belong to, in a place where you can’t make use of your passion and your heart’s desires? Stable in a place where sometimes you feel so miserably depressed, thinking that if you still continue to do the things you’re not happy with, it’s just a waste of time, effort and life?! And there goes your thoughts that you’ve already lost your purpose, you’re just going with the flow, day-to-day.

It’s really hard to be genuinely happy that way.

Guess what? Most people would prefer stability out of fear of leaving their comfort zone. We can’t blame them though, given that there are too much uncertainties and insecurities around, I myself would’ve chosen that too, but my heart says otherwise. And that’s where I am continuously heading.

Look, it has been more than a year now, and I regret nothing. With God’s grace, everything was worth it. I may have experienced an empty pocket but not an empty heart.

Of course, I still carry a baggage until now, but at least, I know that I am dedicating my time and am already working on something where my fire is.

And slowly I realize how important having a pure heart is when you’re working on something. As what articles about career might say, Millennials (like me), we try to search for the purpose of our existence. Which for me is true.

From then on, I always think that I am not going to let my dreams go. My heart’s desires. My passion. Something that I really love to do. Some place where I can find my purpose.

I may have enough time to still think and figure things out, but I am not taking any chances when it comes to my dreams. Nope, not now.

So, if you really want something, and you think it will make you genuinely happy – feel free to be fearful, you can’t avoid that. But do not use it as an excuse not to pursue it.

Stop complaining, stop whining, stop worrying, stop overthinking, JUST DO.

Believe in yourself, be not afraid of what you cannot do. Be more afraid of what you can do. Because as human beings, we are limitless – we just tend to put boundaries in ourselves, but if we really push ourselves, we cannot be stopped.

Take the road less travelled.

Today they will laugh at you, even doubt you, tomorrow they will look up to you and respect your bravery 🙂

Be a blessing to people today! ❤


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