Day 1: Bali, Indonesia – Mar 2017

Knowing myself as someone who does not know how to swim, going to beaches and seeing big waves don’t cross my mind – not until this day.

After a few thoughts and discussions if this one should be pushed through, finally, we’ve made our bookings and have everything settled for this trip!

Airbnb Accommodation cost: RM46/night

(Total: RM183 + RM23 = 4 nights & service charge)

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Lucky enough to find a low-cost accommodation that offers tour services!

Tour Cost: 15 USD – or you may pay in Indonesian Rupiah

Here’s our itinerary for our Day 1 of 4:

  1. Breakfast at our accomodation (estimated price per meal RM17 with drinks)
  2. Pantai Gunung Payung Beach
  3. Green Bowl Beach
  4. Lunch at Warung Bejana
  5. Uluwatu Temple
  6. Nyang-Nyang Beach
  7. Padang-Padang Beach

1st stop: Pantai Gunung Payung Beach – one of the hidden beaches in Bali’s southern coast. The beach is quite an effort to reach, only for the fit and determined – down a steep flight of stairs that locals claim to total around 300.

Read more at: Bali-Indonesia


I am amazed!




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Wrong angle, I think? Haha.

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Falling in love many times, always with the same person.

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Wouldn’t trade this for anything the world has to offer.

2nd stop: Greenbowl Beach – The most likely inspiration for its name, ‘Green Bowl Beach’, is the colours and curvature of the cliff that looms over the beach itself, and perhaps also the emerald patches of seaweed in its clear waters.

Read more at: Bali-Indonesia

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A place to hide from the friendly, huge waves outside this cave-like area.

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My Moana-inspired natural hair, all growing now.

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3rd stop: Lunch at Warung Bejana before heading to Uluwatu Cliff

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4th stop: Uluwatu Temple – one of six key temples believed to be Bali’s spiritual pillars, is renowned for its magnificent location, perched on top of a steep cliff approximately 70 metres above sea level.

Read more at: Bali-Indonesia


Purchase tickets and be assisted to wear their sarongs. You will be warned about the monkeys roaming around that may “potentially” get your stuff – eyeglasses/sunglasses, cameras, etc.

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Seeing more of the world with my universe.

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5th stop: (the toughest trail of all!!) Nyang-nyang Beach – Nyang Nyang Beach in Bali is a pristine 1.5-kilometre stretch of coastline and also one of Bali’s least visited beaches. This is partly due to its far-flung location and the long trek required to reach it.

Read more at: Bali-Indonesia


Conquering our longest and toughest trek!!


Quiet, secluded beach Nyang-nyang beach.

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Losing our sunscreens because of the heat.

And after (I think) a thousand of steps, we finally arrived into our last stop for today:

Padang-padang Beach – This beach features an exotic setting; a simply stunning one hundred meter-long stretch of sand that is accessible down a flight of stairs through a unique hollow rock entrance.

Read more at: Bali-Indonesia

photo-20170304070205-01photo-20170304070211-01Processed with VSCO with  preset

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Such a peaceful, lovely place.


Trying to retain my wholesome self. =))

Padang-padang Beach is said to be one of the good surfing spots in Bali. However, when we arrived at around 4 in the afternoon, the water seemed to have calmed down and all that we had witnessed were people who were paddle boarding.

We spent more or less 20minutes in each beach so we can still visit other beaches.

Day 1 and I was already amazed and in love, not just with Bali, but made me more in love with life.

So many wonderful things around that shouldn’t be taken for granted – instead, should be more appreciated.

Day 2: Bali, Indonesia – Mar 2017 will be posted soon.



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